Artist statement

As a glass artist I am inspired by the historical and social aspects of life. My main inspirations on these themes come from the expressionist movement especially artists like Otto Dix and Edward Munch. I am drawn to these artists due their creative style and concept of looking past the surface to create a true interpretation of the world based on truth and not the veneer of reality hiding peoples true intentions and actions. As one of the winners of the 2009 Wedgwood Blue and 2008 Wedgwood jewellery competition, the sense of place played an important role in both the inspiration behind the work and the placing of the work in a gallery setting for the public to view. The scale varies from architectural large scale pieces to small scale jewellery. Artists that inspire me are, David Reekie, Colin Reid and Keith Cummings for their figurative castings creating the illusion of the pieces having a presence of their own separate to the surrounding world.

Dissertation (subject)

My dissertation was about combining hot glass casting and kiln casting. I compared the differences between the techniques in terms of the context that they are used and the technical aspects. I analysed the techniques and the materials used to find how they are compatible and how they are not. In this research project I concluded that the two techniques aren't mutually exclusive but are similar in many aspects. This research in my dissertation was inspired by Keith Cummings because he combines different methods of casting and materials in his work.

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