National glass centre- Sunderland
2015 12 March - 21 April
New designers craft fare- London
2014 June
Glass exhibition at the Bank- Suffolk
2014 May
International festival of glass- Stourbridge
New Designers craft fare- London
2010 June
Wolverhampton University Degree show- Wolverhampton University
2010 June
The Public- West Bromwich
2010 19th April - 3rd May
Wedgwood Museum- Barlaston
2009-Present day
Pretty Vacant- Volte gallery, Wolverhampton
2009 11th - 18th December
Pretty Vacant- Mander Centre, Wolverhampton
2009 October
Pretty Vacant- Queens Square Shopping Centre, West Bromwich
2009 29th August - 12th September
Pretty Vacant- Victoria Passage, Stourbridge
2009 14th - 25th July
Wedgwood Museum- Barlaston
2008-Present day



Expressionist pieces on display in Sunderland National glass centre